Desirable Student Behavior

One of the most important objectives of the Optimus is to foster the cultivation of self-discipline among its students. We believe that acceptable norms of behaviour can be achieved by suitable adult examples, consistent high expectations and a firm insistence on good conduct.

The most essential rule for conduct at Optimus is ‘Behave Sensibly’. A clear list of Do’s and Do not’s will be given to all at the beginning of the academic year. If any student finds it difficult to judge what is sensible, faculty members will be pleased to help.

Students observing courteous behaviour everywhere shall be an Optimus hallmark. The school expects all members of the Optimus community to be respectful and courteous. Students are expected to obey the instructions of members of faculty. They will form a queue wherever necessary. Use of foul language is not permitted at any time. Physical or verbal bullying will be severely sanctioned. Visitors must be approached, welcomed and assisted.

Inappropriate public behaviour that spoils the school’s reputation will be severely dealt with. Vandalism, littering, possessing unacceptable objects (like weapons, fireworks, pornography) are some of the serious offences that will end up in the expulsion of the offender.

Deliberately missing the lessons and coming late for the classes will not be tolerated.


Debbie Gibbs, Head of School

Thinking, creating, connecting are at the heart of what we do at Optimus. Every day, we help children to develop the critical, foundational skills needed for a lifetime of learning; we encourage them to pursue their passions and apply their skills to solve meaningful problems; and we further our work together by communicating with honesty, openness, and respect. I invite you to learn more about Optimus—peruse our website or visit the school and see our exceptional programs in action!
—Head of School
Experience gained in two schools under my control has taught me that punishment does not purify, if anything, it hardens children.

-- Mahatma Gandhi
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