Attendance Policy

Students are expected to be present in school on all working days and attend all classes and activities as laid out in the school calendar and the time table.

Optimus school calendar has generous school holidays. So Parents are advised not to ask for further leave for their children. Because the holidays are generous no student can risk attendance to fall below 85%. Should this happen, the students’ promotion to the next class could be jeopardised.

Should leave be required because of sickness of one or two days a letter to the appropriate class teacher on the return of the student to school should be sent. For longer absences please notify the class teacher and furnish a medical certificate with a note to the Principal on the students return. Boarders should also notify the Head of Boarding.

Leave for any other reason needs to be applied for in writing to the Principal in advance. The Principal may or may not grant such leave.




Debbie Gibbs, Head of School

Thinking, creating, connecting are at the heart of what we do at Optimus. Every day, we help children to develop the critical, foundational skills needed for a lifetime of learning; we encourage them to pursue their passions and apply their skills to solve meaningful problems; and we further our work together by communicating with honesty, openness, and respect. I invite you to learn more about Optimus—peruse our website or visit the school and see our exceptional programs in action!
—Head of School
Experience gained in two schools under my control has taught me that punishment does not purify, if anything, it hardens children.

-- Mahatma Gandhi
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